Creating An Energy Ball

Serenity’s Fire’s How-To Reference Guide: Creating An Energy Ball


This technique will begin with you generating what is called an energy ball. First, you will need to hold your hands in front of you, while pretending that you are holding a ball, similar to a balloon between them. See this ball clearly in your imagination and feel the imaginary ball as it rests between your hands.

If the energy ball was an actual balloon, then it would contain a certain amount of air within it. It should not be under inflated, nor should it be filled to the point of bursting. In order to fill this energy ball, you will need to send energy to the ball by sending two stream of energy out of your hands and into the imaginary ball. As the energy you are sending goes into the energy ball, it should get larger, similar as to putting more air into a real balloon in order to make it larger. When you feel you have placed enough amount of energy into the energy ball, you will need to halt.

You will need to continue to use your hands to contain the energy ball as you are making a mental note of the size of it. Enclosed in that ball of energy will be raw mental current. Try to feel this current as it presses against the palms of your hands. Feel this current as it tries to push your hands apart, as the energy tries to escape.

Next you need to place the mental picture of the thing you are wishing to materialize, for example, the five dollars into this energy ball. You can imagine a photograph of the object or the object itself sitting inside the ball. You have now endowed the energy ball with a purpose.

Release the energy ball, with its newly endowed directive, then give it a gentle push outward. If it is done correctly you will feel a slight power drain, as the energy ball leaves. Continue to monitor the energy ball in your imagination. Follow the ball as it enters an energy vortex. You can imagine the vortex as a spiraling mass of energy which surrounds a tiny hole in the center. This hole is where the ball of energy will get sucked into and disappear. After the energy ball gets sucked into the vortex, then you are done. This whole creation exercise should not take more than one minute to accomplish.

Created by Brandon Keeton  (Used with permission of the author – 2012)
© 2012 Serenity’s Fire

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