A Kiss Til The End

Poem:  “A Kiss ‘Til The End”, by Adara Panther

The feel of your passion’s kiss
Tasting your sweet essence
Flowing from you, giving me life
Don’t turn away from my presence

Let me embrace you and consume you
Come to me, my child of the night
As you embrace me with your beauty
Spirit of fire in luxurious flight

Surrender your soul and submit to my touch
Weakening pulse, breathe for me
Feel me…hunger’s ecstasy taking you
Heartbeat slowing with every drop, making you free

Become mine…feel it, embrace it, taste it
Let me devour you my child…be my life
Don’t be afraid…it’s almost done now
Resist not..cause me no more strife

There we are…so much simpler now
Everything gone, everything taken into my grasp
Taking you in, absorbing your life
Consuming your energy while I listen to your gasp

My beauty, laying helpless in my arms
You knew it would happen, that your time would come
Carrying my mark on your precious neck
And now a hunger fulfilled…your life is done

Written By:  Adara Panther
© 2013 Serenity’s Fire

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