Lost Soul

Poem:  “Lost Soul”, by Adara Panther

We look to the stars, the sweet calm of the night
For answers to this menacing life.
In this unforgiving world with a poisonous kiss,
Searching for hope, searching for bliss.
Drowning in nature’s everloving arms,
We’re unfortunately not immune to her deadly charms.
Sucked into the portal, never escaping the grasp
Of a world gone wrong, where souls everywhere gasp,
For their freedom and hope…two promises made
While others abound in their safe shade.
The shadows come, to embrace our hearts,
To consume our energy…tearing us apart.
So try to survive in your eternity,
While I search for the door that will set me free.

Written By: Adara Panther
© 2013 Serenity’s Fire

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