Short Quotes

Short Quotes by Adara Panther

  • “I could perhaps scream out into the darkness surrounding me, but the only on to hear my cries would be me. So, then why would it matter, because it matters not to me..a bird, no longer flying…grounded…seeking shelter in the wings of her love, hoping to be guided by the light of his flames. A phoenix, burned by her own passion for life, her own compassion for others…becoming her own death.”
  • “In the darkness he stands, towering in shadows, looking toward the light, only to have it unreachable..a man, lost and broken, resorting to his former actions..becoming his former self.”
  • “We listened to the venomous tongues of those that would destroy us. We let the words of rumor’s temptress separate us and poison our kiss. We allowed all those who cursed us from the start, to win. Why?”
  • “Faces I see around me, strangers now, friends of the past, blanketing sorrows long last, seeking tomorrow with a sorrow’s glance.”
  • “Our emotions, our actions…speak words beyond compare, yet those truest of words do not pass our lips. So easy to make each other tremble, yet…we are alone. I know only this…that I love you, with every depth of my being, and the cruelness is that you do not see the depth, only the surface of the emotion. My love….look closer.”
  • “I don’t know where I’m going, only where I’ve been. The road tattered behind me…and shadows ahead. Nothing is certain, except for the one brief moment when it all ends.”
  • “For all the loves I’ve had, and lost, I turn to the shadows, and the fire I was once born from…knowing only they have a chance of comforting me…knowing only they will return my love.”
  • “I look to the sky and beckon you to pulse through me, flow through me as strongly as the storm through mine own soul flows.”
  • “You wish for charm and eloquence, yet deep within you lie cries out into the darkness.  You, a child in that darkness, hunger for so much, yet receive so little, as crimson tears fill your soul.”
  • “In the proper places where our beasts have long-since been buried, we seek out those answers that will bring us enlightenment, only to hear enigmatic whisperings reminiscent of more inauspicious times.” (Raven) – July 1, 2015 8:53PM MT

Written By: Adara Panther
© 2013 Serenity’s Fire

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