Poem:  “Vows”, by Adara Panther

I have been searching my whole life for you
I prayed to God, to show me what true love really is.
The first moment we spoke, I was shaking like a frightened child.
I was afraid, to accept the blessing of you.
Knowing my fear might hurt you, I turned away for a moment.
But then I saw your loving eyes, and your smile.
I became strong in your eyes, my love.
You showed me a road full of light.
Your fire, guided me through the darkness.
I fell in love with you, heart and soul.
I allowed myself to believe in the strength of our love.
You gave me back my faith, in a seemingly hopeless world.
You loved me, and held me, and sheltered me,
Through the storm of pain, that clouded my heart.
For the first time in my life, I felt beautiful.
You, my love, saved me from a path I had stumbled upon,
A road where I did not belong…a road without you.
So, on this, our wedding day, I want to say thank you.
I thank God, for giving me the gift of you,
and I thank you dear, for showing me what true love is.
I promise, from this day forward, to love you, and treasure you…
To honor, cherish, and embrace you
All the days of our lives.
I will love you, now and forever Marco…
Through sickness and health, through the good and the bad,
Through whatever life brings.
We will endure it all, together as one.
This I promise you.
This is my solemn vow dear…I love you.

Written By:  Adara Panther
© 2013 Serenity’s Fire

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