Elemental Vampyrism

Article: “Elemental Vampyrism”, by Brandon Keeton


An “Elemental Vampyre” is one who can pull energy from the natural elements of earth, such as earth, air, fire, and water for example. These are the basic elemental energies however there are other types of energies that these reside in, including the moon cycles, rain, solar energy, and air pressure.

Elemental energies are neutral, and will have a calming effect on other energies, such as chaotic energy for example. Lowering the lights and changing the ambiance of in a room with soothing candles, sounds and smells such as incense, help to neutralize and balance the chaotic energies so that it is not as damaging. There are different methods as to how an elemental vampyre will pull the energy from these elements, and these methods will vary based on the individual. There is the osmosis method of drawing these energies into oneself by opening up themselves and allowing the energies to flow into them. A more elaborate method would be finding energy lines within an element. When these energy lines are found they are pulled and channeled by the one who is feeding upon them. Elemental vampyres will have their specific preferences as to what form of energy they are feeding from.

Created by: Brandon Keeton  (Used with permission of the author – 2012)
© 2012 Serenity’s Fire

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