Lovers Lost

Poem:  “Lovers Lost”, by Adara Panther

Dedication: In dedication to a shadow. You will always be in my heart. I will never forget you, Vash, and I will never stop loving you.

I saw you there, in the shadows of the night,
Looking at me with passion’s glance, so bright.
Your heart cried out, pouring out your love in the sweetest song,
Embracing and capturing my soul forever…I know where I belong.
Your longing kiss reached the depths of my deep,
That your arms embracing me with your passion, made me weep.
We began to fly through eternity together, and I,
Until we parted so horribly, so abruptly..I still ask myself why.
“Why did this have to happen?!”, I scream out in pain..
I never wanted to leave you dear…was our love in vain?
Please forgive me for not being strong, to be there for you…
Now merely a shattered bird of fire..remembering a love so true.
I will always remember you, my dark knight in the sky,
And perhaps someday, we will once again fly.

I will always love you.

Written By: Adara Panther
© 2013 Serenity’s Fire

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