Types of Vampyres

Article: “Types of Vampyres”, by Brandon Keeton

Elemental vampyres are individuals who feed from various energies sources found in nature. Generally these include earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. Some examples include, but are not limited to storms, wind, plants, animals, the sun, and the ocean. The technique is quite similar in nature to what is known as ambient psychic feeding. Another method of feeding is through ritual and the raising of a cone of power, however, instead of releasing this cone of energy into the universe, you draw it into yourself to replenish your own energy.

A symbiotic vampyre is a type of psychic vampyre whom feeds by draining negative energy. So, instead of feeding from the life force, as well as physical and mental energies, they feed from the spiritual energies and electro biochemical energy in which is found in a person’s aura. The symbiotic vampyre will cycle this form of energy and convert it to positive energy.

Hybrids are able to feed from multiple forms of energy such as using psychic feeding methods, as well as methods of blood feeding instead of just one form.

Empathic vampyres feed on emotional life force energies from the emotions of other people. They will usually feed on whatever emotions a person may be feeling without necessarily causing those emotions to occur.

Sexual vampyres feed on the life force energies which are generated by having sex, including the excess energies generated from the moment of having an orgasm.

Astral vampyres are able to travel cross the astral planes and feed from the life force energies of other entities within the astral planes. Furthermore, they are able to materialize in astral form and feed off the life force energies of people that are usually asleep.

Dreamscape vampyres are basically astral vampyres that are able to enter into a person’s dream, similar to above, and feed from the life force energies within that specific dream. They can be invisible observers in the dream (not actually part of the dream itself), or they can manifest themselves within the dream. Some are able to influence what course a dream may take.

Created by: Brandon Keeton (Used with permission of author – 2013)
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