What Is Love?

Poem:  “What Is Love?”, by Adara Panther

Perhaps there is simply more peace in the darkness, than in the light.

I rather like red candles, color of love and hate, life and death, blood and fire.

Candles, burn you with their flame, once you become too close.

I think, perhaps, a lesson we should take into consideration, in real life.

A lesson in life, provided for us by the simplest of things, the candle:
Never become too close to anything, for you will be burned, with a raging ferocity, until you become as weakened and empty, as the candle itself.

Love is like fire, it burns you once you let your guard down. Sometimes, I wonder, if it is even worth it.

Love, talks with a poisonous tongue, whispers in your ear promises of tomorrow, all the while it laughs in your face, for it knows the outcome is only pain.

Even the darkness of loneliness, seems better at times, than the alternative.

I rarely see, any emotional reward from love, that doesn’t come with a hefty price attached.

Perhaps that price, for me, has become something I can no longer afford.

The price, is my soul. And that, is slowly fading into the wind, and I feel it wither and fly away, with hardly an upward glance.

The end result is coldness, pure hatred and discontent of life, and everything it encompasses.

When the laughter and happiness begins to fade, when the music stops and you forget how to dance, when you no longer take joy in the simplest of things, when you become a burden on the earth rather than a helper or guide, when you feel as though the darkness outweighs the light…

What is left for you?

For me, it’s nothing.

Written By: Adara Panther
© 2013 Serenity’s Fire

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