Live Your Life

Article: “Live Your Life”, by Brandon Keeton

Do not become belittled by the stupidity of others who try to control, or take advantage. Your choice defines the situation. If you choose to let others control you, then you will be controlled, but if you choose intolerance of being controlled, then you will not be controlled by that person.

If you live to please others, then you are missing out on your own life, as you are too preoccupied living a life that is not yours to live. Do not live to please anyone, because if so, you are defining who they want you to be, and furthermore, you are defining them, not you.

Do not let others tell you that you are worthless, because you aren’t. There will always be one person in your life, who thinks that you are priceless; a treasure of rarity. If you let another person tell you that you are worthless, then you are only devaluing yourself. If you stand up to that person, then turn your back and walk off, you are showing them that you cannot be devalued.

Emptiness can be a rough and overwhelming feeling, but have you ever thought about embracing it? If you embrace emptiness, then you are able to see what’s underneath it. You may find that this emptiness which lurks within can be a good thing by doing so. You may discover a part of you deep down that you didn’t even know existed. When you find this part of you, then you just might have found the piece that was missing. This emptiness you feel, will then be filled by a whole new you.

Anxiety can be a terrible experience, but what if you could change it into something positive? Embracing it will allow you to be able channel this feeling, and convert it to something positive, such as creativity. Embracing anxiety, also allows you to become one in control. Bit by bit you will be able to use it when needed, and this will allow you to overcome your fears. So you are actually using your anxiety to overcome fear this way.

Egoism is like a mirror, for when that person looks into the mirror, all he sees is himself. Shatter that mirror, and experience the world around you.

People judge based on what they don’t understand, or choose not to understand. If you don’t understand something, then don’t judge it. Try to understand it first, then if you can’t understand it, leave it be.

This is your life, and you are the ruler of it. Never let a soul control you, for if they control you, then who’s life are you living? There is one main slogan to go by in life, and that is “Just Do It.” If you don’t do it, then it isn’t going to get done, so don’t procrastinate. Show the world who you are, and don’t be afraid to show it. Stop hiding in the shodows of fear. Otherwise, how are people suppose to know the real you? When you think life is getting rough, don’t give in, but get rougher. If you want respect then give it, or don’t expect it in return.

If you want others to accept you, then first you must accept yourself.

Don’t allow others to create dreams for you, for if you do then you are living their fantasy.

Always remember that love comes from within, and not without.

Live the moment, for the past has already happened, and the future has yet to come.

Always remember that war is just an illusion. We fight and kill for what? For greed, ego, materialism, and currency. The real war is letting go of them within. Once we let go, then we feel no need for war.

No one in this world is ugly. We are who we are on the outside, and on the inside. To change that would be considered ugly. To have someone to call you ugly means that they are either envious, or unhappy with themselves.

Love is the breath of life.

People often kill insects for being pests, or just because they simply don’t care. Insects are here for a reason, just as we are. Each insect carries the gift of life, just as we do. So, next time you see an insect, think about it’s purpose here on earth, for it’s life is just as beautiful as ours.

The wind whispers, while the leaves of the big oak tree rattles. A stream near by whooshes. The birds chirp, while the insects buzz. A cave echoes as drops of water hit the ground below. The footsteps of near by animals crunch on the forest floor as they walk. This is the sound of nature.

Created by: Brandon Keeton (Used with permission of author – 2013)
© 2013 Serenity’s Fire

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