The Hunger

Short Story:  “The Hunger”, by Adara Panther

Before me, stood what appeared to be a temple, for the privileged and, while I admired the exquisite garden surrounding it, a carriage approached. Out of this golden-trimmed carriage, stepped the most beautiful creature I had ever laid my eyes upon. I found myself gazing upon her with a fondness, as I slowly began to approach her. She wore a red satin gown, not even beginning to complement her body, and smiling at me, she handed me one of her hands. Her arms were draped with long snow-white gloves, with red lace. As I helped her out of the carriage, I could sense her lifeforce, her heartbeat…I was mesmerized by it. Passion, perhaps hunger, I don’t know what, compelled me to follow her into that white, lavished mansion before us. As I proceeded through the ebony doors, I could hear someone whisper her name…Emily Dewitt. Emily was a name I hadn’t heard before, and the sound of it, pierced my ears like a crystal bell tapping sound that made me smile. Yes…a vampire can smile, even though we have not often the reason to do so.

Although the mansion was draped in all the richest of furniture, brightest of lights, and decorated in crystal everywhere…well, I could not release her from my eyes, for I feared I would lose sight of her forever. As I passed by the aristocrats that smothered the room, I accidentally bumped into her. She turned and laid her dazzling brown eyes upon me, and I was paralyzed. Emily seemed to be peering through my soul, piercing my heart with her glance, and in that moment, I knew the reason I had followed her so intently. I realized, in the moment being paralyzed, barely able to breathe, that I wanted her. I wanted to take her, savor every fiber of her beauty, and perhaps make her mine. But, I knew that I was destined to be alone, so I wiped that foolish fantasy from my mind. I finally began to compose myself, long enough to say, “Pardon me, I apologize”. Disturbed by my own dark desires and my lust for her, I quickly left the mansion. As I did so, I heard her angel-like footsteps rushing after me with intense speed. Then suddenly, I stopped. I turned around to find Emily giving me the most awkward of glances, and then turn away. I thought to myself, “She senses the evil in me. That is why she now turns at the mere sight of me.”

Slowly, Emily began to turn around, and out of those peach-soft lips she spoke, “Why do you run from me? Does my appearance sicken you?”. “On the contrary my lady. Your beauty enchants me, and I can not allow myself to be lost in it”, I said. There was a terrible silence throughout the garden. The moon glared overhead now, and seemed even more brighter than before. I realized, that for her own safety, I should leave, and never return. But, my legs betrayed me…and I could not bring myself to move. Time stopped, or so it seemed, as I stood there, watching the moonlight dance on her golden brown hair. All of a sudden, she spoke. “Something about you intrigues me. For some unknown reason, I feel as if I’ve known you for a long time, across time and space. I feel as if it is destiny, that has brought us here tonight, together”. As she drew nearer to me, her scent, the scent of roses, filled the I began to have trouble keeping my composure. “Another time, another place, I too would have called it destiny…us meeting this way. But, now, I can not. You must leave Emily, for you know not what I am”, I said. She looked at me, with loving eyes, which amazed me, considering. The pain of hunger began to sicken me now, and I suddenly realized I should show her what I am, in hopes she would run and never look back. In a quick movement, I proceeded toward her and showed her my face in the moonlight, baring my fangs to her for a brief moment. Emily backed away in fright, letting out a soft scream…I could feel her terror. Part of me, the sensible and loving Daiemon I’d always known, wanted to tell her not to be afraid, and try to calm her. Yet, the vampire, the beast that hungered within me..hungered for her blood, wanted to take her. But, I didn’t.

“I apologize for backing away..”, Emily said. “For a moment, you frightened me, and I thought you to be a dark demon. But…as I look into your eyes, I know part of you is good, and I can not leave you. Your dark eyes call to me for help, and I will not turn away.” I looked at her with fascination, her intelligence and understanding overwhelmed me, so much so that I became dizzy. “You must leave me now Emily. I am unable to control my actions, and I don’t want to hurt you, for you mean too much to me”, I spoke softly. She glanced downward, as if at a loss for words. Then, she peered up at me and said, “Perhaps I can help you. Maybe, if we went and prayed, your curse could be lifted, and you could be free.” Freedom, a word I had only dreamt for myself, seemed to mock my hopes and, all of a sudden, I began to remember the words, spoken to me long ago, by an old friend: “Do as you need to do…fulfill your hunger, and you shall be free”.

In my intense hunger, I found myself motioning her toward me. Emily came forward, as if under a trance, and suddenly..I was upon her neck, draining the life out of her. Her silken arms fell to her sides, and once I realized what I was doing, I stopped and lowered her to the ground gently. I suppose I had thought I would shatter Emily…a woman of such porcelain beauty. I had now flawed her and condemned her, and could barely stand her gasps for air..grimacing at each gasp. As she lay in my arms, her voice muffled, she spoke softly: “I forgive you my love. Do not worry, for I now go to a better place…and you are now…free, free from your pain. I only wish, we were in another time..another place. Maybe…”. Suddenly, she could barely speak, and I now found myself, weeping at her side. Then…I sensed her heartbeat stop. I lifted her up to my chest, and embraced her delicate body. I let out a horrible, shrieking pain over what I’d done…”Forgive me!!”. But, no one heard me,…not even the morons who soaked in their riches inside the mansion, lost in their mindless chatter. It was only a yell, a shriek..heard by own ears, as I held her lifeless body in my arms..sitting amongst the flowers in the garden. In that few moments I had spent with her, I realized that I had loved her…if it is even possible to love someone at first glance.

All of a sudden, I looked up, to see that finally one poor soul happened upon us, being there in that garden that now seemed like a tomb in my eyes. The poor woman screamed out in horror. I laid Emily down, in disgust at myself, and ran off into the nearby woods. Emily’s face, her pale face, could not escape my mind. The image of her, as her life poured out of her, soiling her neck and soaking the top of her she looked, now haunted me. I ran harder, and faster…so fast I seemed to be flying. I felt her life, her essence, coursing through my veins, pumping through every inch of my soul. That lovely creature that I will always now part of me, and the only piece of her left, now rests within my mind, in my memories. As I stopped running, breathing hard from the exertion, I finally came to understand my fate: I am a vampire, cursed to roam the sanctuary of the darkness, never able to know love, true love…the kind of love I long for. I am cursed to be a prisoner of the hunger, so I have no other choice but to stop resisting, and give into it, for it controls my life, my very soul. It is what I am,…and I can no longer deny it. I will never be free…..

Written By:  Adara Panther
© 2013 Serenity’s Fire

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